Webinar: Prevedere – Advanced Predictive Planning for Food & Beverage

By - July 13, 2022

Planning and forecasting your business future solely on historical data has shown to be a challenge and ineffective in today’s ever-changing world. As Food & Beverage companies navigate the impact of climate change, political uncertainty, logistics, and labor challenges, including external economic factors are becoming a crucial component of developing a strategy for growth. Prevedere enables you to do exactly that and include critical metrics for CPG/Food & Beverage companies into the process. The ability to identify and analyze millions of data points like economic factors or different consumer behaviors and trends, allows you to include the important supply chain drivers in building your forecasting model and turning it into a proactive and value add process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how external data & macroeconomic factors can be used to generate better consensus forecasts
  • Plan for market movement and take advantage of headwinds and tailwinds

Learn more here – https://rsm.us/3MI0JSz

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