In the spirit of the Yankees and Mets, two first place teams…

By - June 15, 2022

Here comes RSM!  Your first-choice advisors – we play to win.

Meet the RSM Team:

The RSM lineup is an amazing combination of both skill players and power hitters. Our management has assembled the strongest roster of talent servicing the association and nonprofit industry. We have not worked on our batting order just yet, no need to, however you bring this team to the plate and in whatever order they are going to be productive. The lineup includes:

  1. Our Audit | Tax | Attestation Services – Mid Market focused, serial all stars
  2. Managed Technology Services – Reliable, Predictable ROI
  3. Managed and Outsource Finance and Accounting – the ultimate Pinch Hitters
  4. Dynamics 365 – working closely with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact and including the MemberCast Dynamics Accelerator for Associations – Clean up hitters!
  5. Batting 5th – Association Management and Nonprofit Solutions – Leveraging the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and working closely with the leading Nimble AMS and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – Nicknamed NPSP
  6. iMIS EMS – the leading “all in one” solution from ASI – iMIS can play any position
  7. NetSuite and Advanced AMS – Power Hitters
  8. Management Consulting | Digital Transformation | Change Management – The ultimate Change Agents!
  9. And our 9th batter – RSM Defense – Data Security, Network Security and Managed Intrusion Services

We are ready to play, we are ready to go long, we’ve got an amazing winning record of growth, sustainability and performing over the long haul. Kudos to our ownership and our managers for having a vision and committing to that vision. Only RSM truly delivers “First-Choice” Advisor services and maintains a diversified combination of products and services. It’s like a perfectly executed Triple Play!

Building winning teams takes years of commitment, a common vision and players that are executing to their highest abilities. Thank you RSM for making that commitment and providing us the opportunity to play in our field of dreams!

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