NetSuite Grant Allocation with Restricted Donations

By - April 12, 2023

Non-Profit organizations can utilize NetSuite to allocate donations with purpose or time restrictions. Purpose restricted donations can be strategically associated to a cause that the donation supports via NetSuite segmentation, then ultimately granted out via outbound grant disbursement for purpose related efforts. Once granted out, related restricted net assets will be released from restriction.

RSM has created a bundled solution allowing users to manage purpose restricted donations, streamline the allocation process, and assist with real-time reporting. This blog will step through the bundled solution with screenshots provided.

The Grant Allocation Portal is displayed below. Users can filter restricted donation transactions using date, transaction, purpose, etc. After utilizing the filters, the Transaction subtab will populate with transactions (cash sales, invoices) that are available for allocation. Users can use the “Mark All’ to select all transactions or select multiple transactions to allocate. Users may also partially allocate donations as needed.



Mark All


Partial Allocation


Users will need to select the outbound grant assignment to indicate which grant the restricted funds will be allocated to. Users can then click ‘Process’ to allocate the transactions via automated journal entry.

The journal entry will:

  1. Allocate revenue to a specific grant (note: Grant is a NetSuite segment)
  2. Release restricted funds from Donor Restriction


In addition to the journal entry, a Grant allocation summary record will be created with the specific detail of the allocation, including a link to the related journal entry.

Donation Record

SuiteAnalytics Workbook can also be utilized for reporting via pivot tables and graphs for real-time insight into the allocation process and status of grants. Below is an example of restricted fund allocations by purpose by type.


This bundle may be modified to meet specific organizational needs.

Learn how your organization can leverage NetSuite for grant management – contact our team today!


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