Avoid multiple data entries using SharePoint

By - January 20, 2015

I talk with clients all the time regarding the inefficiencies of re-work across the organization. Duplicate data entry is typically one of the greatest contributors and the most frustrating for all participants involved. Either people don’t have access to the final line of business (LOB) system or there are multiple systems that do not communicate. All too often we see that that data entry is happening using Excel in a shared spreadsheet. This causes even more havoc. Information gets overwritten because multiple people have the file open at the same time, it is difficult for users to know what has been updated and many times the information input into the spreadsheet is then manually keyed into the LOB system.

SharePoint can be a great solution to put an end to this problem. Did you know that if you use a SharePoint form for data entry multiple people can be filling out forms at the same time without the worries of overwriting data? Did you know that a SharePoint list presents itself in a worksheet view so you can enter information directly into the list? Did you know that the data that is entered into SharePoint is stored in the database? Not only do all of these things eliminate the headaches associated with distributed data entry but also places the data in a format that can easily be integrated into the LOB system.

Yes, SharePoint is a database! It provides the ability not only to store data but you can also apply workflow to review the data before it hits its final resting place in the LOB system. Take a look at the data entry processes in your organization and see how many times the same information is entered. SharePoint might be the solution!

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