BI360 Composer – Alternative to Smart List

By - April 16, 2018

Do you ever get frustrated that Smart List only allows four filters when retrieving data? An alternative might be to use Solver’s BI360 Composer. Composer is a self-service ad hoc reporting directly from your ERP system’s database.

In less than an hour, any novice user without technical background can use BI360 Composer to create report queries by extracting, grouping and filtering data.

Users can include fields by drag and drop or by double-clicking fields in the modules to the left and group or filter them to create the report.

User can easily drag dimensions/attributes/measures from the navigation pane to the composer view to get instant results.

Easily drag dimensions group data

Easier expand dimensions to get a different view

The query can be saved and refreshed for live results. Results can then be easily exported to excel and distributed to non-Composer users. The query can be exported as a BI360 Designer report.

More information can be found on Solver’s site:

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By: Sherry Lambe

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