What is BI360 Reporting? | Business Intelligence Reporting Made Easy

By - January 14, 2015

BI360 Reporting tool is an Excel-based report writer that can connect directly to your Dynamics ERP or CRM system, and to the BI360 Data Warehouse Manager. BI360 Reporting is also known as OneStop Reporting or “OSR”, it can be used for financial reporting as well as other types of operational reporting.

When an organization decides to utilize BI360 as their reporting tool, they typically find that they can get up to 80% of their “BI” and reporting done with only 20% of the effort that it previously took.  If an organization decides to implement the BI360 Data Warehouse Manager, their reporting possibilities are greatly enhanced.

Some of the reasons for utilizing OneStop Reporting are as follows:

  • It has an Excel based interface that most business users are comfortable using.
  • Easy to build reports with drag and drop wizards and pre-built formulas.
  • Allows for reporting on GL and other modules within your Dynamics ERP or CRM system.
  • Single report writer for many purposes.
  • Consolidated reports across companies can be created when the organization has Data Warehouse Manager installed.
  • Currency conversion is available when Data Warehouse Manager is installed.
  • Eliminate the need for any manual Excel exports and reports that you are currently creating.
  • Ad-hoc reporting allows the business users to create a report that meets their specific needs without having to go to a programmer to extract the data for them.

BI360 Reporting is a modern Excel add-in that has been designed with the latest Microsoft technologies and follows Microsoft best practices for interface design and usability.  The interface was designed to maintain a similar look and feel of the Microsoft Office products, including the use of a ribbon and an Outlook style menu bar as the main navigation components.

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