Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and SharePoint for Financial Institutions

By - May 7, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint is an easy to use intranet/extranet, and internet sites that make it simple for everyone to access critical information, regardless of their physical location. Strategic ECM solutions provide an infrastructure to develop and deliver applications that automate and streamline content-intensive end-to-end business processes. SharePoint particularly helps financial institutions stay ahead of regulatory requirements ensuring that employees are in control, as well as making sure that systems are secure, auditable, traceable and flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing regulation.

Increase process management visibility

Transform manual, paper-based processes into electronic, automated processes to effortlessly monitor, measure and improve business outcomes. SharePoint automation drives accountability and transparency into the organization, while highlighting continuous opportunities for process improvement. Content automation encourages process consistency and repeatable outcomes that replace information silos.

Reduce organizational risks with better process management

Business process automation can lower legal and regulatory risks by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it easily accessible for compliance purposes. SharePoint captures not only what’s happening and who’s involved, but also tracks document version history, discussions and metadata. Reduce or eliminate the direct and hidden costs, wasted time and other adverse effects, such as lost or misplaced documents and incorrect information.


Whether the organization works from one physical office or is stretched across the country, it will experience a perceptible increase in business process effectiveness, improved productivity, and increased net profits. With SharePoint, your organization can:

  • Increase productivity by developing easy-to-follow business processes for everyday organizational tasks
  • Effectively manage and repurpose information for increased business value
  • Simplify access to structured and unstructured information that is stored in different databases, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Securely share business data with team members without revealing sensitive information
  • Meet regulatory requirements through comprehensive content control

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