IT Administrator: The Cloud does not Mean IT Staff Outsourcing

By - November 12, 2015

Almost every week, I meet a new IT pro of one kind or another… system, network, analyst, ninja and more often than not, “The Cloud” is a toxic discussion.

The IT pro generally has uninformed comments about “The Cloud”… “We don’t need that here…”, “Our business requires too much…”, “If I do that, I’m going to get OUTSOURCED!”

It’s unfortunate…….

It’s unfortunate because deep down, we know the IT pro who DOES get outsourced is the IT pro who has ceased to innovate and has fallen behind on industry trends; industry trends that yield efficiency, functional improvements, and COST SAVINGS.

‘Dear IT pro,

Think back eight years ago. You were maintaining a solid BlackBerry Enterprise Server while you hesitated to tell your company about Exchange 2007 and its shiny new mobile device feature, ActiveSync!

Finally, after much hesitation – You decided to buy the very first revision of iPhone; an iPhone that connects to your corporate email over ActiveSync… No more BlackBerry for you!

Proud of your accomplishments and your astounding discovery, you ran through the halls of your work place shouting how amazing and efficient this was – Come one, come all! iPhones, Androids!’

Imagine the CFO of your company today; working from a BlackBerry while every other person in the world outside of your company is using an iPhone or Android device. I can’t imagine that executive would speak favorably about his IT pro… Well, that turn has come again.

Don’t hesitantly spend thousands of dollars on new servers, storage and equipment while your peers are efficiently improving their company operations and quality of life by moving to “The Cloud”. Have no fear; do your research, evaluate what works for your employer – not for the concern of being outsourced but for the concern of falling behind.

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