IWAN: Cisco Systems Entry into the SD-WAN Arena

By - June 28, 2017

Cisco’s Intelligent Wide Area Network (IWAN) is an evolution of existing feature sets that have come together in a very flexible, reliable, and scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. This innovative solution grants IT visibility and control over your organization’s network. While reducing operating costs and improving end-user performance, you will get the same reliability and robust security as before in a router that is application-aware and optimizes traffic flows to protect application performance and increase bandwidth.

IWAN is deployed on the Integrated Services Router/Aggregation Services Routers (ISR/ASR) routing platforms that many organizations already utilize. In most cases, these organizations already have the licensing in place for the platforms to utilize these feature sets and it is just a matter of planning and turning up these advanced services. Features can be turned up in a crawl/walk/run plan to begin using services and features in a planned and steady approach.

There are several specific benefits to the IWAN solution:

  • Carrier/Transport independence
    • You have full control over your traffic and no longer need to have the carrier involved in making changes
    • You can easily move from one carrier to another with minimal changes on the hardware
  • Flexibility of transport
    • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable, Ethernet, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), etc.
  • Secure WAN
    • IWAN can encrypt all traffic before it leaves your control
    • Carriers/MPLS providers have no visibility into your network traffic
    • There is no risk of routing table leaking between your internal and provider networks
  • Rapid deployment
    • New remote sites do not require any changes to the hub or other sites to be brought online
  • Traffic engineering
    • This allows decoupling of traffic from routing tables
    • Traffic engineering also allows you to select the traffic path based on various metrics per application
    • IWAN has the ability to load balance between multiple paths
  • Utilize existing investments in routers
    • No need to buy a separate appliance for your Software Defined Networking (SD-WAN)
  • Combine multiple services with the same platform
    • IWAN reduces device sprawl at the remote locations
    • IWAN allows an organization to combine services including voice, WAN Acceleration, SD-WAN, routing, compute, switching, firewalling, etc.
    • IWAN also includes capabilities for Direct Internet Access (DIA) to route traffic out the branch locally

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