Leveraging SharePoint as the framework for your Human Resources (HR) portal

By - May 28, 2015

Human Resource (HR) departments are continually being challenged with fewer and fewer resources while at the same time being required to meet increased State and Federal regulations.

Historically, most HR records were stored in filing cabinets or in shared drives in different file formats using un-standardized models for storage. In these situations, the ability to secure, organize, retrieve and share documents has proven to be a challenge. To proactively address these challenges many HR managers are partnering with IT and digitizing their records and updating HR process and workflows to leverage the features SharePoint has to offer.

There are 5 core areas where SharePoint can bring efficiency and cost savings to any enterprise organization:

  • Employee on-boarding: Historically these have been managed through hard-copy documentation with inconsistent records management.
  • Document management and retention: Controlled storage of documents, providing secure access, disaster recovery and protecting personal information are all concerns for employers today.
  • Performance management and evaluation: Successful Performance Management and Evaluation requires documentation of each step through the employee life cycle.
  • Policies and procedures: Publishing and maintaining company policies and procedures requires strong records management and accessibility by employees and regulators.
  • Compliance: State and Federal regulations require companies to have stringent HR record-keeping that is secure.

The need for data security, privacy and maintenance brings the realization that SharePoint may not be a 100 percent solution for HR. It can, however, provide a valuable framework and offer tools that can deliver a robust and secure solution to existing HR file storage and employee self-service needs.

A SharePoint based solution focusing on core HR processes can:

  • Improve hiring process efficiency by automating processes
  • Provide online forms submission and centralized data
  • Reduce cost and increase productivity
  • Allow for workflow automation across multiple departments and locations
  • Provide real-time statistical data, analysis and reports for better decision making
  • Provide information security
  • Minimize complaints

As we consider the challenges and solution options for Human Resources, Microsoft© SharePoint can deliver full document management and workflow capabilities from the initial document creation phase to the storage and retention phase. Integrated with the right workflow solutions, companies can have a fully digitized HR to address the pressure to increase productivity with fewer resources and meet the stringent regulatory requirements they face.

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