Missing setting Metadata navigation in document library revealed

By - January 8, 2018

Recently, there was a request to enable the Metadata navigation in a document library in SharePoint Online, because the list view threshold had exceeded 5,000 and there was no way to filter the list based on the user requirements.

After adding a couple of “Managed Metadata” columns to the library, the “Metadata navigation” settings were not found in the Library Settings, as expected. The first possibility considered was that “Metadata navigation” settings may not be available for a list that has crossed the list view threshold of 5,000.

After a little bit of investigation, however, it was discovered that “Metadata navigation” required the site feature “Metadata Navigation and Filtering” to be activated. After activating this feature, the “Metadata navigation” showed up in the library settings, even though the library had crossed the list view threshold of 5,000.

I hope this information saves you some time!

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