NetSuite takes QuickBooks customers to the Cloud

By - January 19, 2015


After working within an implementation team for NetSuite’s Cloud ERP Software, I have become surprisingly familiar with QuickBooks. We see it all the time: Widget Company started out small in a 10-cubicle office with five employees. Growth was steady, costs were low and revenues came quickly. For a small company, QuickBooks is excellent accounting software that is easy to use and inexpensive. However, the software has its limits and causes significant headaches as Widget Company grows into a multi-million dollar company with employees around the country and an expanding product offering. Enter, NetSuite.


NetSuite has become the leading Cloud ERP Software for mid-market companies just like Widget Company. With NetSuite, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Because it is a Cloud solution, NetSuite allows real-time data to be seen by Sales Managers in Texas, North Dakota, Oregon and Moscow, Russia – all at the same time! The software can grow alongside your company and maintain all of your financial history in one repository without the fear of a system crash or network shutdown. NetSuite allows customers to consolidate all back-end functions into a single system seamlessly. Managers can create, view, and track sales data in one location; CEOs can budget and report in one location to allow for better decision making; Employees can track time and submit expense reports in one location; E-commerce can be hosted, tracked, and managed in one location; HR can oversee, track, and…. You get the point. NetSuite even further simplifies customers’ reporting functions by providing each user with a highly customizable Dashboard, as seen here. By hosting a single central location where employees at all levels can operate, NetSuite transforms broken and inefficient operations into streamlined processes with full customization potential.


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By: Kevin Bubar – Maryland NetSuite Solution Provider

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