Optimize IT work through RSM’s ServiceNow WorkHub solution

By - December 16, 2022

Many middle-market companies have fragmented legacy IT systems and manage a wide variety of services using multiple tools. Consequently, they’re often overwhelmed by their IT operations and don’t have any visibility into work requests and the status of projects. We have a solution. Since ServiceNow isn’t always a fit for middle-market companies with limited budgets, we have developed a best practice solution called WorkHub, which is powered by ServiceNow, that is specifically customized and configured to support these middle-market needs.

With ServiceNow’s platform, middle-market companies receive an enterprise-grade, cloud-based solution that consolidates fragmented IT service management and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) applications into a single, centralized platform that allows your company to get the most from its IT team and technology assets. It will also centralize the workflow of most IT processes enabling you to allocate resources, break down project deliverables, and view, manage and prioritize projects. In addition, companies will have anytime/anywhere access plus full disaster recovery capabilities to their streamlined IT operations and management systems.

Will ServiceNow work for your company?

However, ServiceNow isn’t always a fit for middle-market companies with limited budgets. ServiceNow’s platform can be overwhelming due to its size and experts can be hard to find and costly to hire. Fortunately, we have developed a cost-effective, easy way to get started on the ServiceNow platform.

RSM WorkHub is a best practice, off-the-shelf solution, developed by RSM specifically designed for middle-market companies. We own, manage, and support WorkHub. It’s powered by our own instance of ServiceNow which clients lease access to. With WorkHub, clients receive RSM’s dedicated advisors who have established best practices over the last 10+ years. These best practices allow for fast implementation resulting in fast ROI at a fraction of the cost to have an individual license with ServiceNow.

To see a real-life example of how a client implemented WorkHub and realized an ROI click here: https://rsmus.com/insights/technology/servicenow/mgbw-leverages-rsm-workhub-to-align-it-to-the-growing-business.html


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