Remote access to technology a must for millennials in the workplace

By - July 13, 2015

Millennials are quickly making their way into the corporate world, and the expectations of this new group of professionals are changing the way that modern day corporations work. The most drastic of which, is technology. Millennials have grown up with technology; it has become second nature to constantly be connected to the world, and we have a certain expectation that this will be carried into the workplace. What can your business do to continue to evolve and pull in the newest generation of brilliant minds?

From the time younger Millennials entered school, we have had constant online access to not only teachers but assignments. The notion of work staying at work is not seen as a relief to our generation. We have had the luxury of going home after school to relax, have dinner with the family, then log back in to check up on what we have to do and get an assignment in by the time we go to bed. Being chained to our desk and having to miss evenings with our families or friends is a quick way to lose a millennial.

Office 365 is one way to allow users access to their data from anywhere.

  • This program allows you to securely sync your data across your tablets, phones, and pc’s.
  • It offers the ability for collaboration with co-workers through instant messaging and the ability to edit documents together.
  • The Office 365 platform also allows administrators to set up the security of the profile, allowing them to wipe the device if it were to be lost or stolen.

For those who don’t want to move all of their data to the cloud yet, there are a few virtual desktop applications, such as VMware Horizon View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services that can help.  These applications will allow the users to remotely gain access to their computers from different locations. Instead of having the devices hosted on the cloud, these applications allow users to log in through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and see the same desktop that they would be presented with if they were sitting at their office computer.

If managed correctly, the mobility of the workplace through the integration of these services will allow for a more seamless work-life balance for your employees. Work-life balance is highly prized with Millennials and showcasing the importance of it in your company, will help you to pull in the best and brightest young professionals.

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