Technology can impact campus recruiting

By - June 26, 2015

As I sat watching my two-year old cousin navigate an iPad with precision, while at the same time being asked by my grandma how to turn on her early 2000’s camera, it struck me then that the gap in technological literacy may pose problems in the near future. We have moved onto an era where children are buying apps instead of toys, and teaching their parents how to navigate their brand new smart phones.

Technology is also becoming increasingly important to the new generation of college graduates. Growth in technology among millennials has skyrocketed within the education field. More and more teachers are implementing integrated devices into the classroom to help enhance productivity and efficiency. Most colleges, many high schools, and even some middle schools are ditching the paper and completing everything electronically. Their way of life and how they view technology is changing rapidly, which is going to change the way you have to recruit.

Being in the midst of my college career has allowed me to take a unique perspective about campus recruiting, and what influences students the most. Nearly every day I hear from a teacher or recruiter how important technology is going to be in the future. Career advisors are increasingly recommending that students take MIS/computer science classes due to the importance of them in the near future. We have all been told what the growth potential is in the technology field, and have been urged to take part in it. All of this has led us to value advanced technology as one of the most important influences in where we choose to start our careers.

Your average college student is by no means an expert in technology, and may not have even taken any computer classes. However, everyone knows how cool it would be to work at Google, Facebook, or any other major tech company. Being surrounded by the latest and greatest technology is always exciting to our generation. We love capturing our moments with our drones, checking the time on our brand new Apple watch, and unlocking our cars with our phones. It’s just what we do.

What If my company isn’t Google or Facebook?

The leading tech students in the nation are the ones going to Google and Facebook, and those aren’t the ones you have to worry about. Staying competitive comes down to managing your target recruits, and exciting them with technology. This is how technology can impact campus recruiting. It can be as little as signing up for more information on an iPad opposed to paper, but you have to do something. The companies with the newest software, best integration of technology, and on the cutting edge of new innovation are the ones that students gravitate towards.

Yes my generation takes technology for granted, and that’s not going to change. It’s the new norm, and your company’s success depends heavily on if you can adapt quickly and implement changes correctly. We are going to see a shift towards heavy dependence on technology and greater technological literacy year after year. Many recruiters view technology in a different manner than the individuals they are recruiting, simply because of age difference. There are several measures you can take to help bridge this gap between your recruiters and potential future employees.

  1. Be informed/educated about what technologies can help your business, and implement them
  2. Highlight the importance of technology when recruiting. This will show that your company is prepared for the future and that the growth potential is there.
  3. Stay current with your updates. When students see that you are actively upgrading your technology, they become more confident that you understand how important it is.
  4. Make sure your employees are knowledgeable. New employees are eager to learn, they should not know more about any of your technology than your current employees.

RSM is continually assisting our clients in updating their systems. If you need to update your office technology in order to successfully recruit in the millennial era, contact us.


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