VDI Comparison: VMware Horizon View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

By - October 10, 2013


In today’s fast paced and information driven economy, a business’s ability to efficiently leverage the power of technology plays a critical role in developing and maintaining competitive advantages.  As the mid market slowly returns to profitability, successful organizations are utilizing lean business methodologies to increase efficiency, boost production, and reduce administrative overhead and cost.

The IT pendulum has swung back towards the centralized computing model.  Application delivery methods have taken center stage in effort to streamline IT operations, cut costs, and reduce administration.  The centralized computing is not a new concept in the IT continuum; the centralized computing model has been in use since the late 1960s.  However, IT has come a long way from the days of green screens, mainframes, and traditional Terminal Services based delivery solutions.  Virtual desk solutions, such as VMware’s Horizon View product line, have revolutionized how businesses are delivering line of business applications to their employees, reducing administrative costs, improving technology life-cycle, and expanding the reach of applications.

In the virtual desktop arena, VMware Horizon View and Microsoft’s RDS (remote desktop services) are often the two most compared solutions.  When considering a VDI solution, consider the following questions:

1)      Do you need direct support from one vendor for all your devices including non-Windows devices?

2)      Do your deployments need to scale to hundreds or thousands of users?

3)      Do you users need desktop access when they travel?

4)      Is your datacenter virtualized on vSphere?

5)      Do you have users that require constant up time?

6)      Are you concerned about application licensing?

7)      Do your users need a full desktop experience, have unique application requirements, and varied and broad USB device support?

Why Choose VMware Horizon View for Desktop Virtualization?

VMware® pioneered desktop virtualization in response to the unmet needs of the end-user computing market. VMware Horizon Viewprovides the security, robustness, and flexibility required by today’s demanding workforce and addresses the challenges of end-user mobility and mobile device proliferation.” (Why Choose VMware Horizon View over Microsoft RDS 2012 – VWware Whitepaper)

VMware Horizon View offers a proven, scalable, and enterprise-class solution, including many features not available with Microsoft’s RDS 2012.  Features such as:

  • Power manage for provisioned desktops
  • Web-based management front end
  • Cloning and disk space recovery
  • Scalable and flexible desktop templating
  • Support for offline desktops
  • Granular and extensive editing of desktop attributes
  • Broad client and operating system support
  • Tight platform integration with vSphere

Businesses, whether deploying a few desktops or many thousands, are realizing the value that desktop virtualization offers; value that’s driven by ease of management, enterprise capabilities, enhanced security, and support for the increase in mobile device usage.

RSM has implemented and partnered with VMware to develop subject matter expertise, we’d welcome the opportunity to assist with your evaluation of needs and virtual desktop requirements.  For more information on this or other ways to increase IT efficacy, contact McGladrey’s technology consulting professionals at 800.274.3978 or email us. In addition, please check out our services offerings on our website.

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