Using Veeam with Amazon AWS S3 Storage Gateway for Backup Archives

By - April 23, 2015

Veeam together with Amazon AWS S3 and Glacier

In late 2014, Amazon announced that AWS Storage Gateway would now support using Veeam Backup and Replication paired with a Storage Gateway Virtual Tape Library (Gateway-VTL) to provide scalable, cost-effective and secure cloud storage for backups and archives using the Veeam Backup and Replication application.

What does this mean?

There is now a durable, cost-effective solution for offline data archiving to the cloud. The VTL interface allows you to leverage your existing tape-based infrastructure to store data to ‘virtual tapes’ in Amazon AWS using either S3 or Glacier as your backend.

What is required?

To implement this solution, you will need:

  • An Amazon AWS Account (
  • An AWS Storage gateway virtual appliance ( – Currently $125 per month
  • Cloud Storage through Amazon S3 or Glacier – pricing varies
  • A licensed copy of Veeam Backup and Replication (v8 or later is recommended)
  • An virtual iSCSI interface connecting your Veeam Application and Amazon AWS over the internet


How does Veeam backup with Amazon AWS look?
AWS Storage Gateway

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How can this help meet my Disaster Recovery needs?

Veeam paired with Amazon AWS Storage gateway service allows you to eliminate the need for large upfront capital expenditures and expensive multi-year support commitments.  By implementing a virtual tape solution, you no longer have to worry about transporting storage media to offsite facilities or manual handling of tape media.  This solution allows you to reduce costs and simplify your data management, therefore improving the durability of your archives and long-term backup solutions.

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