Windows Continuum allows you to take your work everywhere

By - February 4, 2016

Microsoft has a vision that your data and applications should be available anytime you need them. The cloud has enabled secure storage that’s accessible anywhere. Sync-services built-in to cloud services such as OneDrive enables your data to be available on all of your compute devices.

What is the one device that gets taken with you to just about every place you go? Your phone.

With Windows Continuum you may not need to shuttle a laptop to and from work anymore. Everything you need to work productively is on your phone and accessible via a familiar Windows desktop-like experience.

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation


Continuum uses the CPU, memory and storage on your phone, and an external monitor to deliver an independent Windows Desktop with which you can do work using familiar and full-featured applications such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook.

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Continuum offers two methods for connecting your phone to an external monitor: 1) a wired connection to the Microsoft Display Dock, and 2) wirelessly via a Miracast-enabled wireless display. Each option offers its advantages depending on your work needs.

Microsoft Display Dock

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

The Microsoft Display Dock is a small device that enables the following capabilities when connected to your phone:

  • Connect any HDMI-enabled display and work at up to 1080p (1920×1080) resolution.
  • Connect traditional wired or wireless USB devices such as keyboard and mouse.
  • Connect external USB storage devices such as external disk drives or flash-thumb drives.
  • Quickly recharge your depleted phone battery in about 30 minutes.
  • Print from apps on your phone to a USB printer.

Many users will find it convenient to have a Microsoft Display Dock set up and ready to go at the office and your home. All of your data is securely stored on your phone or cloud-based storage solution such as OneDrive. Dock your phone at either location to quickly access and work with your data.

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Once connected to the Microsoft Display Dock, you will have access to your applications and data using your preferred full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor. Unplug your phone and you are ready to go with all of your important data ready to go with you.


Windows Continuum also supports wireless-display-enabled devices such as large-screen TVs and conference room projectors.

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Beam your Windows Desktop wirelessly to a screen and instantly share Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation or photos from your phone.


Does your current phone allow you to utilize external USB devices such as flash/thumb drives or external disk drives? Windows Continuum and the Microsoft Display Dock allow your phone to access portable and high-capacity USB storage devices.

Security – “You are the password”

Limit access to your phone’s data and enhance security by requiring biometric authentication through Windows Hello. Rather than input a password or PIN your phone will only unlock after recognizing your face or your eye’s retina through a quick and simple scan.

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Picture via 2016 Microsoft Corporation

Windows Continuum utilizes the latest in security to protect data stored on your phone. Your documents and data are securely encrypted.

Rethinking Personal Computing

Our phones have become powerful, full-featured computers that enable us to communicate and access information anytime and anywhere. However, many phones can’t be utilized in the same familiar ways that our PCs can. Windows Continuum fills that gap, and simplifies the business user’s need to work productively with a full-sized keyboard and mouse, monitors and wirelessly connected displays; and common external storage devices – all on your phone.

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RSM can assist you with developing a strategy to take advantage of Windows Continuum and Windows 10 for your business. To learn more about Windows Continuum or for more information on RSM’s consulting services and managed services offerings please check out our website. You can also contact RSM’s technology consulting professionals at 800.274.3978 or email us.

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