OpenAir: Custom Utilization Reporting

By - September 21, 2020

One common request our clients have is to create a custom calculation for utilization reporting.  In this example, we will create a series of custom calculations to calculate productive utilization using the calculation below:

Steps to Create the Custom Utilization Calculation shown above:

  1. First, we will create a company custom calculation to calculate the numerator and we will set a task type filter to select task types of billable and productive (non-billable) only. As a result, this will allow us to pull approved hours charged to tasks with those task types only.

  2. Next, let’s create the two calculations needed for the denominator:
    • First, let’s create the calculation for Approved PTO time entries.  To accomplish this, we will create filters to select the project of “Time off [Internal]” and tasks of “Time off: Holidays” and “Time off: Vacation”.  This will only pull approved hours that were spent on those two tasks into the equation.

    • Create the calculation for base work schedule hours – Approved PTO time entries.
  3. Finally, we will create the final calculation required for productive utilization:
  4. Last, we will pull the new calculation onto a report.

Custom calculations can be incredibly useful to customize reporting to fit your organization’s needs. Our consultants at RSM are here to help with a custom-fit solution that meets your needs – contact us today at!

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