Creating notes for shipping documents in Microsoft Dynamics AX

By - October 8, 2015

Using the Notes functionality within Dynamic AX can be very helpful. Notes can be used to alert warehouse personnel to perform unique tasks, such as cutting a product to a specific size or assembling a product before it gets shipped. Additionally, customer-specific notes can be displayed on packing slips. This blog will cover how to set up and display notes for shipping documents.

Linking a Note to a Product

To link a specific note to a product, perform the following steps:

  • Product information management > Common > Released Products
  • Search for and select the product that requires a note
  • Click on the Product tab > Attachments > Attachments button
  • As a result, the Document Handling screen will display
  • Click New
  • Select Note
  • Type in a description regarding the type of note that is being created
  • Type in the specific note that will be displayed on all shipping documents
  • Close out

Creating Notes for Shipping Documents 1

Display Notes on Shipping Documents

Once all products have a note linked to a product, perform the following steps to allow the note description to be displayed on the shipping documents:

  • Accounts Receivable > Setup > Forms > Form Setup
  • Users have the ability to have the note print out on the picking list, packing slip and/or invoice documents
  • Select All from the Include Document on Sheets drop down
  • Select Note from the Include Documents of Type drop down
  • Close out

Creating Notes for Shipping Documents 2

Display Note on Sales Order Screen and Packing Slip

To view the notes that are connected to a product, perform the following:

  • Create a sales order and add the product that contains the notes
  • Select the product and click the paper/paperclip icon at the bottom of the sales order screen (as shown below)

Creating Notes for Shipping Documents 3

  • Once clicked, the Document Handling screen will display with details of the note that was created for that product

Creating Notes for Shipping Documents 4

  • Pick, pack and ship the sales order
  • Depending upon the configuration of the “form setup,” the note will display
  • See the example below

Creating Notes for Shipping Documents 5

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By: Jason Greto – Top ranking national Microsoft Dynamics AX partner

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