Data Migration Framework (DMF) in Microsoft Dynamics

By - November 27, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 has undergone some significant design changes to the application and the table structures. Even though moving to a normalized data base schema allows for a more standardized data structure, it also makes data migration a much more complex topic.

Historically, data migration has been done through custom written import scripts created by the consulting team. They typically followed the path of reading in data files; converted/mapped values and validated incoming data. There was no out of the box migration framework that would provide functionality to import, validate and process records into the Microsoft Dynamics AX entities.

This changed when Microsoft released its Data Migration Framework (DMF) in mid-2012. The new framework provides functionality to load the most common data entities (e.g. Customer, Vendors, Items) utilizing a combination of SQL SSI packages as well as AX business logic.

This document will talk about the basic framework and components of the Data Migration Framework. There will be a second whitepaper describing how to modify existing and creating new entities.

Read the Whitepaper here: Introduction to the Data Migration Framework.pdf

Data Migration Framework

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