Displaying external item numbers on purchase orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX

By - November 13, 2015

The ability to increase communication between customers and vendors is always essential. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows its users to better communicate with customers and vendors by offering the functionality to assign external item descriptions to all products. This functionality is useful for utilizing a vendor-specific item code to ensure the correct product is purchased. This blog will explain how to setup and display external items.

Linking External Item Description

Once all products are created and released to the applicable legal entities, it is now possible to set up and create external item descriptions. Perform the following steps:

  • Product information management > Common > Released Products
  • Search for and select the product that requires an external item description
  • Click on the Purchase tab > Related information > External item description button
  • As a result, the External Item Descriptions screen displays
  • Click New
  • Populate the external information accordingly
    • In the example below, I am using a book’s ISBN number as the external number
      Displaying External Item #s 1

Display External Item Descriptions on Purchase Order Document

Once all products have an external item description linked to a product, perform the following steps to allow the external numbers to be displayed on a purchase order document.

  • Procurement and Sourcing > Setup > Forms > Form Setup
  • On the General tab check the Include Both Name and Description checkbox
  • Select Append from the External Item Description drop down
    Displaying External Item #s 2

Display External Item Description on Purchase Order Screen

Once all products have an external item description linked to a product, perform the following steps to allow the external numbers to be displayed on the purchase order screen.

  • Procurement and Sourcing > Common > All Purchase Orders
  • Create the new purchase order
  • Once on the Purchase Order Lines (fast tab), right click on the gray header columns and select personalize

Displaying External Item #s 3

  • Under the LineSpec grid, select Item Number
  • Click the Add Fields button

Displaying External Item #s 4

  • Click the “+” sign for Purchase Order Lines
  • Scroll down and select External
  • Click the Add button

Displaying External Item #s 5

  • Field External will be displayed on the personalization screen
  • Click Save and Close

Displaying External Item #s 6

Displaying External Item #s 7

  • As a result, the External column will now display on the purchase order screen
  • If a purchase order document is needed, click the purchase tab
  • Click the Confirmation button
  • Print the purchase order document
  • At the bottom of the document, the external item number will be displayed

Displaying External Item #s 8

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By: Jason Greto – Top ranking national Microsoft Dynamics AX partner

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