Dynamics 365 for Retail and the Omnichannel Experience

By - February 26, 2019


Retail is an industry that is constantly changing, and retailers must also understand trends in order to keep their consumers coming, whether they’re shopping in person or online. If you have worked in Microsoft Dynamics AX or any ERP system for retail, you know that one of the trends in ERP and retail is to provide customers with an “omnichannel” experience. What does that really mean, and how can Microsoft Dynamics 365 create an “omnichannel” solution?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail can help companies create an omnichannel experience that creates a more pleasing and personal experience for customers and allows retail workers to leverage customer data.


What Does It Mean?


Simply put, “omnichannel” retailers provide their customer with the same shopping experience regardless of the channel they are using to shop. Customers want the personal touch that they would get in a retail store when they are making a purchase online. This means that their shopping experience is consistent whether they are in a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online, including a seamless experience across mobile device types.


Creating an Optimal Customer Experience


With Dynamics 365 for Retail, we are able to meet customer expectations for an omnichannel experience by giving them the ability to check live inventory information online. This means customers can check stock of an item before they even go to the store. Inventory management solutions in Dynamics 365 for Retail now also allow customers to buy online, pick up in store, ship to store, and select faster delivery options.


Leveraging Customer Data


Along with inventory management improvements, Dynamics 365 for Retail also empowers the retail workforce to make a customer’s in-store shopping experience more personalized with access to customer details. Customer profiles can include past purchases, support tickets, and customer preferences. All of these details are available online and in-store, empowering retail store workers to offer a more personalized experience while leveraging customer information for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.


Better inventory visibility and purchasing options and a more personalized customer experience across all retail channels using Dynamics 365 for Retail is able to help retailers offer a better omnichannel experience.


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