Improved Procurement with Purchase Sales History Analytics

By - February 26, 2013

Purchase/Sales History

Given the volatility of today’s economic environment, it is imperative for organizations to leverage as much leading edge technology as possible.  RSM has provided an integrated analytical tool to assist in the procurement process in order to improve the overall supply chain process.

During the procurement process, the user has the ability to trigger a new form that displays both the Purchase Sales history of a specific product.  One of the key objectives of this functionality is to provide the user with specific purchase and sales history information so they can make an improved decision during the Procurement process.

Here is an example of what the form looks like within Dynamics AX 2012:

Improved Procurement with Purchase Sales History Analytics-pic1

As one can see from the above screen shot, the system automatically considers the Purchases/receipts and Sold/issues of a specific product, in order to provide a difference that can be used to assist with the current procurement requirements.

Key benefits of this functionality include:

  • Dynamic date intervals allow the user to predefine the periods related to the information, as well as providing flexibility of manually altering the dates in order to review the information from a different point-of-view.
  • Leveraging this functionality with negotiated trade agreements gives the user a better understanding of how long the product may need to be carried in inventory prior to sale/issue.
  • Dimension agility allows the user to review how the product is moving in/out of inventory across various sites, warehouses, and/or locations.
  • Real-time analytics allow for improved procurement decisions, resulting in saving opportunities and improved cost management.

Any time an organization can leverage data from within the system and provide it on a powerful, yet easy to use form, while turning it into effective information, it allows for significant improvement to the overall procurement process.  RSM has coupled this enhancement into the core Procurement and Planned ordering functionality.  This gives the user another key strategic tool needed to measure and evaluate the product flow prior to committing another order.  It not only provides key dynamic information, but it is a way for the organization to improve buying decisions as well as manage vendor relationships, both present and in the future.

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