Inventory License Plating – New System Dimension Streamlines Warehouse Operations for Food Industry

By - October 2, 2012

Inventory License Plating

Powerful, agile, and flexible functionality utilizing a new system dimension to streamline Microsoft Dynamics AX and Wireless Warehouse operations resulting in the overall improvement of warehouse handling and management.

Inventory and warehouse managers require a specific level of control and flexibility when they are entering/processing transactions. From production, transferring, and packing of the product, the inventory and warehouse manager needs to have the ability to trust the transaction flow in the system to be accurate and timely.

RSM’ JunctionFB license plating functionality provides the agility, flexibility, and accuracy that are needed to maximize inventory efficiencies and minimize the potential number of entry errors. This new Dynamics AX tracking dimension is the prefect tool to assemble multiple pallets and then be able to move the entire combination quickly and easily.

The user has the ability to scan a product that is on the warehouse floor and add it to either a new or an existing license plate. From there, the user can combine multiple license plates into a single one, or add/subtract products at will. This newly created license plate functionality permits for easy and accurate inventory transfers at the highest level instead of having to labor through several layers of product in order to capture the appropriate dimensions. In addition, the user has the ability to stage, pick, and pack finished product at a license-plate level, resulting in a consolidated and complete combination that meets both internal and external customer requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Combine products onto a unique license plate dimension through an easy to use management form
  • Capture key information such as item, quantity, site, warehouse, location, batch number, serial number, allowing for ease of product transfer, sales picking/packing, and more
  • Enable the grouping up of existing license plates onto a new license plate to represent a larger or different container
  • Full visibility of the license plate hierarchies permit ease of inventory management
  • Scan product items and immediately display the hierarchy within Dynamics AX or using the wireless handheld device

RSM’ integration with Touch Screen functionality is another alternative to moving and splitting/consolidating license plates that is quick, easy, and user friendly.

Example of the “License Plate Hierarchy Management” form integrated within Dynamics AX 2012:

Example of the “License plate split and consolidate” form integrated within Dynamics AX 2012:

Example of the License Plate enhancement that is integrated with RSM’ Touch Screen functionality that is seamlessly linked to Dynamics AX 2012:

Inventory License Plating

Inventory License Plating


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