Microsoft Throttling in D365 Finance and Supply Chain

By - June 29, 2021

Microsoft is enabling throttling on oData and custom web services to D365 F&S, which will require investigation by all D365 F&O clients with these integration points. This will take effect on 10.0.19 which is projected to release with general availability on June 18th. Throttling will drop requests returning a 429 error if there are “Too many requests”.  We do have options in prioritizing which of these requests are dropped. Please be aware this will impact web service calls to Dynamics 365 including oData and custom services.

Here are our initial recommendations for this update:

  1. Plan release cadence to not be an early adopter of 10.0.19
  2. Review LCS logs on the ‘environment monitoring’ page to see what is being throttled. This gives a preview of which events would be throttled if the system was on 10.0.19.
    • LCS > Prod > Environment Monitoring > Activity > Query Name: “All Throttling Events”
    • Logs for throttling are inaccurate prior to 10.0.18 or 10.0.17 with KB 4615823. Consider moving to 10.0.18 prior to 10.0.19.
  3. Review the list of service registrations because it will determine what applications will be throttled. Any applications in this list will be subject to throttling when 10.0.19 is deployed.
    • D365 > System Administration > Setup > Azure Active Directory Applications
  4. View, but do not configure throttling prioritization setup
    • If you set this ahead of time MS will turn on throttling early, so we recommend not doing this until you are on 10.0.19
    • D365 > System Administration > Setup > Throttling Priority Mapping
  5. If there are throttling events, review code in integrations to see how failures are handled.

Below are further resources for throttling:

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