Microsoft’s new intelligent omnichannel solution is here to transform your omnichannel experience

By - September 30, 2021

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of their latest cloud-based solution for Dynamics 365 that has the goal of making your omnichannel experience more intelligent. With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, Microsoft aims to use the power of AI-powered insights to help your organization gain productivity momentum.

Intelligent Order Management provides business executives with real-time cross-channel inventory visibility as well as extensive analytical capabilities for better decision-making. As a result, they can re-model and organize the order fulfillment path with simple drag-and-drop tools and proactively overcome bottlenecks, all while driving efficiency across the supply chain to ensure their customers’ needs are satisfied on time and on budget.

Microsoft believes there are five key points that Intelligent Order Management hopes to bring into your organization. Read further along to take a more detailed look at these five key points.

  • Automate and optimize fulfillment
  • Manage the entire order lifecycle
  • Adapt quickly to changing business models
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Enhance your ‘customer’s experience.


Automate and optimize fulfillment

Intelligent distributed order management

Use a single solution that orchestrates order fulfillment according to rules, utilizing real-time inventory and artificial intelligence.

Model and automate responses to order fulfillment constraints

Eliminate the one-size-fits-all ordering path. Customize as many order processes as necessary to suit your business’s specific needs.

Handle customer returns with ease

Reduce costs by streamlining operations and enabling more flexible return options for customers to get optimal results.


Manage the entire order lifecycle

Proactively address problems using actionable insights

Proactively identify and manage fulfillment restrictions and improve delivery times while decreasing costs by using AI-based categorization and anomaly detection algorithms.

Optimize stock levels

To guarantee that the correct products are available in the right place at the right time, you may access a single global view of your inventory positions across all legal entities in real-time.


Adapt quickly to changing business models

Proactively respond to disruptions and constraints

The supply chain team has the freedom to react to changing requirements using streamlined process design tools, which enable simple, straightforward changes to the order path.

Keep pace with the continuing evolution of e-commerce

Utilize an adaptable system that accepts orders from anywhere to enable agile operations to capitalize on new opportunities faster.

Rapidly design and build order flows using drag-and-drop tools

Use a visual interface to expedite application deployment. This approach gives business users flexibility in modifying order-management rules across different channels as business needs change.


Get up and running quickly

Maximize your existing investments

Incorporate Intelligent Order Management in your current enterprise systems to make the process of onboarding and configuration easier, and sync data with Microsoft Dataverse using seamless synchronization.

Deploy without dependencies

Automate and optimize order fulfillment by integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365 and other business applications.

Scale quickly for peak order volumes

Utilize pre-built connectors to add order input, fulfillment, and delivery partners to capitalize on demands and organic growth.


Enhance your ‘customers’ experience

Meet customers where they are with omnichannel fulfillment

Allow clients to choose their preferred method of fulfillment, such as home delivery, buy in-store, buy online/pick up in-store, and curbside pickup.

Provide real-time inventory and order status

Providing customers with greater visibility into product availability and order progress from purchase to delivery can help improve the shopping experience.


Intelligent Order Management, a step in the right direction.

I feel that Microsoft has done a fantastic job keeping its finger on the pulse of Dynamics 365 users worldwide. When the COVID-19 pandemic turned supply chain on its head, Microsoft accelerated their progress and was able to provide a solution that will satisfy the most demanding supply chains and their perspective customers. If you are interested and want to take Intelligent Order Management out for a spin, Microsoft is offering a free thirty day trial. To take advantage of the trial environment, navigate over to ‘Microsoft’s Intelligent Order Management trials page for more information.

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