Personalizing your Dashboard Tiles in Microsoft Dynamics 365

By - November 19, 2018


Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive visual arrangement to help you navigate and find data easily. This includes a logical arrangement of tiles on your dashboard, columns in list pages, and data on detail pages. However, Microsoft knows that individual users have specific needs for their use of the software. In this article, I will show you several of the basic personalization options available for modifying the appearance of the tiles on your dashboard.


What is basic personalization?

Basic personalization refers to a specific right-click menu you can access on most elements in Dynamics 365. The examples below refer to how this works in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, though other Dynamics 365 products use the same feature.


What can I personalize on the dashboard?

You can right-click and personalize many areas of your dashboard, including your calendar, drop-down lists that have been added to your dashboard, and your tiles. For any element where available, you can right-click the element and select the Personalize option to open the controls. In these examples, we’ll modify a tile.


Depending on your permissions as a user, you can take several actions from the Personalize menu. Let’s take a look at your options for tiles.


Changing Tile Names

You can personalize a tile by changing its name using the text field on the menu. For example, if you have a tile with the name “Benefits,” you can change the name to “Benefits Page” and the changes will appear on the tile on your dashboard.


Hiding Tiles

You can hide tiles from view on the dashboard by selecting the Hide check box. Keep in mind that doing this will make the tile disappear from current view, but you can immediately add it back by clearing the Hide check box.


Skipping Tiles in Tabbing

You can press Tab on your keyboard to move through elements on your dashboard instead of clicking on them. If you select the Skip in Tab key sequence check box, the tile will be skipped when you reach it in the Tab sequence. To add it back, clear the check box.


Adding a Workspace

You can also add workspaces to the dashboard by clicking the “Add a workspace” button on the Personalize menu. Clicking this will add a new tile to the bottom of your list of workspaces called “My Workspace 1.” You can access the Personalize menu for this tile, and change details about it. At any time, you can also click the Remove button on the Personalize menu to remove the new workspace. Keep in mind that the Remove button is not available for any of the standard tiles on your dashboard, only the ones you created.


I don’t like what I changed! How do I undo it?

You can use the full personalization toolbar to revert changes you made, and reset your dashboard if you decide you want to return the dashboard to the default appearance. To access the toolbar, open the Personalize menu for any element, and then click the Personalize this form button, shown here. This will open the personalization toolbar, which controls personalization for the entire page, instead of a specific element.

Unhiding Tiles

As you probably noticed, if you hide a tile on the dashboard, you can’t right-click it to access the Personalization menu anymore, so you can’t clear the Hide check box. To get it back, access the personalization toolbar.


From the toolbar, you can click the eye icon, which will make all your hidden tiles reappear on your tiles list. To unhide one of those tiles, just click on it.


Resetting to Default

You can also reset the page using the personalization toolbar. If you’ve made a number of changes and want to reset your dashboard to the default appearance, access the toolbar and click the Manage drop-down menu. From there, you can click Clear to revert your changes to the default settings.


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Daniece Rainville


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