Dynamics AX AOT Search Too Slow for You? Take Advantage of the Cross-Reference Table

By - November 27, 2012

Simple, fast, and flexible functionality utilizing Dynamics AX 2012 cross-reference tables.

If you have ever had to use the built-in search functionality in Dynamics AX to search the whole Application Object Tree, (AOT) you know that it takes a long time to finish running. Luckily there is a faster way. To enable this faster method, generate the cross references. While this takes a long time to generate, this only needs to be done once and can run over night.  After completion, the cross references tables will contain the locations of all code, fields and objects in the system.

Now, whenever you need to search for anything or want to see where certain code or fields are being used, there is a very quick way to find the answer. Run the following SQL code against the Dynamics database, replacing ‘mySearchValueHere’ with whatever value you are searching for.  This query will only show results for code and objects that were added before the last time the cross references were generated. So while this search is not quite as accurate as a full AOT search that may take 30 minutes or more, it does a very good job and takes only seconds to return all the results.

See below:

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