Changing default SmartList options in Microsoft Dynamics GP

By - April 9, 2015

I frequently get asked by my Microsoft Dynamics GP clients if they can increase the default SmartList maximum records from 1000 to 10,000 and if they can add a default column like Batch ID or Posted User ID without going into the search window or the columns window each time.  By following the steps below you can accomplish this.

  1. Go into Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > SmartList option
  2. Category: Select the Account Transactions Category (accounts, transactions, customers, vendors, items or employees)Dynamics GP How to Change Default Smartlist Option 1
  3. Maximum Records: (Select the maximum number of results you want your search to return.) The default will always be 1,000. The maximum record you can go up to is 1,410,065,407.
  4. Search Defaults: (Mark or unmark the default columns you want on your SmartList)
    In the example below, I added Batch Number and Posted user ID to my default ColumnsDynamics GP How to Change Default Smartlist Option 2
  5. Click OK to save changes

Keep in mind, all of the settings specified in SmartList Options are system wide and will impact all companies that use SmartList.  If you look at the screen shot in step four, you will notice that the SmartList for Payables Transactions now includes Batch Number and Posted User ID in the columns and the maximum record is now 1,410,065,407.

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By: Priten Patel – Great Lakes Microsoft Dynamics GP partner


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