Dynamics GP Error – “This Transaction is Being Edited by Another User”

By - April 5, 2020

You’re trying to open an unposted transaction in Dynamics GP and receiving an error “This Transaction is being edited by another user.”  You’ve checked with all of the other users, and no one has the transaction open or is in the batch.

This error indicates the system tables have a user linked to that Batch ID in the Batch Activity table and possibly some temp tables.  It could be another user has the transaction open with the Batch ID selected.  It could also be a problem with the remote desktop connection, or there may have been a posting interruption that simply locked the record while entering or posting the data.  Ideally, you would ask all users to exit Dynamics GP, and this should clear the users from the Batch Activity Table.  If the users connect through a remote desktop connection or a Citrix connection, you would also have your IT department make sure to reset all the connections.

How can I manage this directly?

If this does not resolve the issue, with all users out of Dynamics GP, run the SQL scripts below in SQL Management Studio:

These scripts will clear all the temp tables for Dynamics GP.

If you are not able to get all users out of Dynamics GP, you can run the following SQL scripts which will release locked records by any users who are not currently logged into GP:

If these scripts do not resolve the issue, it may be more than just a locked record.  You may have a batch that is stuck in posting. If you have any batches pertaining to this transaction in a status other than available, click here for steps to release a stuck batch.


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