Dynamics GP – Payroll deductions missing for employee that is NOT subject to FICA

By - April 10, 2018

A company has added a health insurance deduction, dental deduction and a group life benefit. These are standard deductions and benefit codes we use for all employees. When they process payroll, the health deduction isn’t there and the dental deduction is the same as the group life benefit instead of what is setup in the card. The deductions show up correctly on the build check file report. There is an employee that is exempt from FICA tax, everything else is the same as other employees.

Below is a huge list of why deductions may not be taken in this situation. Dynamics GP will drop the deduction if you have its TSA’s and the original pay is NOT marked for tax. Change your deduction to not be sheltered from FICA and then the build and calculate should be fine.

  1. The deduction was marked as Transaction Required in the Employee Deduction Maintenance window (Cards | Payroll | Deduction). If this is the case, a transaction must be entered for the deduction in the Payroll Transaction Entry window, or the Transaction Required field can be unmarked.
  2. The date in the Start Date field in the Employee Deduction Maintenance window has not been reached.
  3. The deduction was not based on a Pay Code that is being included on this check run. The deduction will show on the Build Check and Calculate Check reports, but the Calculate Check report will show the amount as $0.00.
  4. You may not be including the deductions in the Build Payroll Checks window. (Transactions | Payroll | Build Checks). This would only apply if the deduction is not marked as Transaction Required.
  5. If you have a minimum net pay amount set up for the employee, (Cards | Payroll | Employee | Additional Information button) and the deductions brings the net pay below the minimum net pay, the deductions that are sequenced last will not be taken.
  6. If you have set the deduction up as a tiered deduction and in the deduction amount field you have $0.00 entered, the deduction will not be taken.
  7. The date in the End Date field in the Employee Deduction Maintenance window falls before the beginning date of the pay run the deduction would not be included.
  8. If you have reached any of the maximums entered in the Employee Deduction Maintenance window, the deduction would not be taken.
  9. If the deduction brings the pay to a negative amount it will not be taken.
  10. If the deduction is inactive it will not be taken.
  11. If the Employee has a Minimum Net Pay set, the deduction will not be taken if it causes the net pay to fall below this amount. Click on Cards, point to Payroll, and click on Employee Card. Enter the Employee ID. Click on the Additional Information tab, and review the Minimum Net Pay field.
  12. Check to see if the tax settings are mismatched between the deduction and the pay codes for the Employee. For example, if the deduction is set to be TSA sheltered from FICA taxes, but the employee does not have any pay codes that are subject to having FICA taxes taken on them, the deduction will not be taken. Review for Federal Tax, FICA Tax, State Tax and Local Tax settings between the deduction and the employee’s pay codes used in the pay run.

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By: Kelly Gray

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