Microsoft Dynamics GP Fix for W-2 Form RS Numbers

By - February 1, 2017

I was recently approached by one of our Dynamics GP functionality consultants looking for a solution to convert the W2 federal file into the correct format for state electronic filing.  Each state is assigned an RS number.  For our client in the state of Iowa, their number was RS19.  The W2 file produces a files that is very close to what is accepted by the state; two differences need to be addressed:

  • Insertion of the state permit number in the RSXX line, positions 248-267
  • New RV total line with employee and wage totals for all RSXX lines and the BEN number

I developed a new .NET windows application that will prompt the user for the source (W2 raw file) and the destination (State file), during the conversion process. Data is extracted from the source file and written to a new destination file, handling the requirements of the state permit number and new RV line.  So far, we have assisted over 25 clients with this reporting need, if you have a similar requirement for your state, please reach out to me at  Until next post!

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by Steve Sieber for RSM

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