Microsoft Dynamics GP with single sign on functionality and simplified IT administration

By - October 8, 2015

As organizations grow, so do their need for larger, more complex environments. As a result, users are becoming all too familiar with excel workbooks full of authentication credentials to access various applications and systems. Today’s IT managers and administrators need to understand this dynamic while keeping in mind ease of access, security and system audit-ability. In particular, environments that host Microsoft Dynamics GP, now have the ability to add many plug and play features through a suite of applications offered by FastPath. This suite features some of the most user friendly tools on the market, many of which simplify accessibility and lessen the load of daily IT administration. In this post, we will examine FasthPath’s ConfigAD product which adds single sign-on functionality and a single point of administration for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • Ease of Access: ConfigAD will allow administrators to manage Dynamics GP users from a single console. This console can be integrated into Active Directory, making the process for managing Dynamics GP users easier for IT administrators. It’s from this same console where, arguably, the most beneficial configuration for end users can be made. That being single sign-on functionality into Dynamics GP! This functionality alone will reduce time spent troubleshooting user access and allow end-users to become less dependent on that excel workbook filled with credentials. Administrators will also have options between various login types other than single sign-on, as well as the ability to manage Dynamics GP credentials.
  • Security: The ConfigAD console is a one stop shop for security administration. Now administrators will have the ability to manage company access and roles, such as reporting services within Dynamics GP, from a single console. For administrators who’ve managed this task in Dynamics GP in the past, you understand this process can be a bit time consuming. Fastpath provides a simplistic way to take what was a hassle in the past to that of the keep it simple methodology we all prefer.
  • Auditability: ConfigAD provides the ability to serve as another layer of audit publication. The tool offers various reporting capabilities including service log information, user association, and history tracking. The reports can be viewed from the console or exported into an excel file where they can be compiled and used in upcoming audits.

FastPath offers an entire suite of software designed to simplify end user interaction and administration within various environments. ConfigAD in particular acts as an excellent intermediary between SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Active Directory. This tool ensures that ease of access, security, and auditability functionality is optimal in your existing or future environment. Ease of access (single sign-on), security configuration, and audit reporting are just a few of many more features available within this solution.

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By: Jay Busch – Cloud Services for Microsoft Dynamics

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