Pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Roll Down Segment Changes feature

By - July 16, 2014

Roll Down Segment Changes is a new feature added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 that allows users to make a change to an account segment description in the Account Segment Setup window and roll down the change to every account with that segment value.

In theory, this is a great idea and, in some circumstances, it does deliver benefits. However, it really only works if you have a limited number of segments and use the Dynamics GP feature that constructs the account description by concatenating segment descriptions. For example, let’s say you have a three segment account number as follows:

roll down segment GP 2013 feature

Dynamics GP will build a default account description of “ABC Corp-Operations-Cost of Goods Sold.” In this situation, if you change the description of any of the three segments using the new feature and roll it down, it will work perfectly. However, if your account description is just “Operations-Cost of Goods Sold” or just “Cost of Goods Sold,” the feature won’t work at all. The roll down feature requires that the number of segments in the account description match the number of segments in the account number string and that the segments appear in the same order.

If those conditions are not present in your installation, then your options for changing account descriptions are the same as they were before Dynamics GP 2013. You can still enter them manually or use Integration Manager to update the descriptions.

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By: Hans Wulczyn – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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