Wells Fargo Payment Manager

By - June 16, 2017

We have had several requests to assist clients with generating an ACH file out of Dynamics GP in the Wells Fargo Payment Manager format.  Out of the box ACH functionality doesn’t support the format required by Wells Fargo, so we developed a dexterity customization that works along with the existing Checkbook EFT Maintenance and Vendor Address EFT Maintenance windows.  The Wells Fargo Payment Manager format allows for several different types of payment methods, they are listed below. 

  • CHK – Check Payments
  • DAC – ACH Payments
  • MTS – Wire Payments
  • IWI – International Wire Payments

We use the Checkbook EFT Maintenance window to store the necessary fields such as Transit Routing Number and Bank Account Number, see below.

We use the Vendor Address EFT Maintenance window to store the necessary fields for each vendor payment such as Transit Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Bank Code and Bank Branch Code, see below. 

For all vendors set up with EFT information, during the normal check run in Dynamics GP, the vendor payment is created in the EFT Transaction tables.  For the Checkbook, under Payables Options, we select the standard NACHA format for EFT processing. We need to choose something here, but the format itself will be ignored during the Generate EFT File process; see below. 

As the check batch is posted, all data is written to the CM20203 and CM20202 tables. What is key here is the EFTBankCode value in the CM20202 table; this is what drives the actual payment method back to Wells Fargo.  In the example above, the DAC payment method will be used to generate an ACH payment to the vendor.  We have had several successful implementations of our customization, so if the Wells Fargo Payment Manager format is required, please reach out to us for questions and a possible solution.

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