Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

By - February 5, 2015

Doug Miller 2014I have been working with Microsoft for the largest portion of my career; be it as a customer, a partner, or even working as a Blue Badge for three years.  My customers and I, over the years, have grown dependent on Microsoft’s roadmaps to help guide us in decision making.  Whether it is deciding whether or not to get software assurance, or to get a glimpse of what features and functions are coming, these roadmaps became a map, pardon the pun, to help me guide my company or my clients.  It was always useful to know if I should buy that $40,000 piece of software or if those features will be rolled into a product I currently own in the next 12-18 months.

With the advent of the cloud and Microsoft’s shift to Office 365, roadmaps have pretty much fallen along the wayside.  With features and functions being released every month, the new challenge is just in keeping up with the features and functions I own with the licenses I have.   There is nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars on a solution that I didn’t even know I owned, or is coming in the next few months.

Last week Microsoft launched their “Cloud Platform Roadmap”.  This is an excellent tool that Administrators, Executives, and Consultants will all want to visit on a regular basis.  Broken down by “Recently Available”, “Public Preview”, “In Development” and “Canceled” this site will become an integral part of every organizations planning process.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Cloud platform roadmap - February 2015

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