Protect business data with Microsoft Azure RMS (Rights Management Services)

By - January 15, 2015

Protect your business and don’t make the news for the wrong reasons

We’ve all seen the stories about security breaches and private data theft over the years. Is the problem getting any better? Quite the contrary. The stories have become so common and occur so frequently, we are becoming numb to the impact and severity of a security breach.

To solve this problem, let’s first look at the traditional IT methods to protect data, and consider a simple solution that will protect your organization’s files and critical data in our Internet-connected world.

Traditional methods to protect corporate data

File servers, web servers and file sharing services are locations provided to us to store, share and protect corporate data.

  • File servers protect access to data while it resides on the file server
  • Web servers protect access to data while it resides on the web server
  • File sharing services (such as Drop Box) protect access to data while it resides within control of the service

What happens when your data is removed from the file server, web server or file sharing service? It’s not protected anymore.

When you copy the file from the server to your laptop, a removable storage device, or email it to another party, your file is left unprotected. The traditional security mechanisms put in place to protect your file are now gone, and your file can now be read, copied and printed by anyone who has access to it.

Protect all content, regardless of how or where you work

Your employees author and access work in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Adobe Acrobat and PDFs are another common format to share information. Businesses also have Windows and Mac computers, and need to access files on a variety of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Would you like to protect all of your files, on any device, regardless of where they reside? Would you like to know that only the intended recipient(s) can read your file you sent them? There is an easy way to protect your data in all of these scenarios.

A modern solution to protect your corporate data

Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Rights Management service enables the flow and storage of protected files on any device, in any file format. With Rights Management Services (RMS) implemented as a strategic IT capability for your organization, you can rest assured that all of your organization’s content is accessible and used only by the individual(s) you allow to access that data.

RMS uses industry-proven encryption technologies to protect the important information stored in your files. And because of the ubiquitous use of the Internet and cloud-technologies, RMS makes file-level protection easy for your employees, colleagues, customers and partnering organizations to take advantage of.

Here are the key benefits of RMS:

  • Automatically protect all files and data, regardless of where they reside – desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, file servers, web servers and file sharing services
  • Use the same applications you use today – Microsoft Office, Adobe, and any other applications you depend on in the workplace.
  • Work the same way you do today – email, copy and share files using the same methods and services you already use with confidence.
  • Securely and reliably share files inside and outside of your organization
  • Specify key individuals and/or common groups of individuals who can access your files
  • Time-limit access to files and deny access after a certain period of time
  • Know that files are protected, even if they are lost and stolen

Protect business data - Eric Johnson - January 15 2015

Eliminate the risk and gain peace of mind

What are your corporate secrets worth to your competitors? What are your employees’ or customers’ private information worth to cyber-criminals? What is the risk of not protecting files and data with a modern security solution?

Everything you create and share with co-workers and customers is valuable. Your organization’s reputation is valuable. Take the necessary steps to make sure that your organization’s files and data are protected, with a simple and effective solution such as Microsoft’s Azure Rights Management.

We would love to assist you with considering or implementing information technology safeguards for your business. To learn more about RMS or for more information on RSM’s offerings please check out our website. You can also contact RSM’s technology consulting professionals at 800.274.3978 or email us.



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