Two Different Apps – Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App

By - March 8, 2018

RSM recently helped resolve an Office 365 case related to the creation of an Outlook group intended to enable collaboration among select individuals within an organization. The members of the group wanted to access this Outlook group on their smartphones. However, they found that they were unable to find the group on mobile.

We recommended a series of common Outlook troubleshooting steps, but were unable to resolve the issue. All Microsoft documentation and blogs suggested that Outlook groups is a supported feature on smartphones, so we continued to research further.

As it turns out, after some careful analysis on the app itself, we realized that the mobile devices were running the app called Microsoft Outlook. This is the older Outlook app created for anyone to retrieve their emails from Microsoft accounts such as, and Microsoft has a new app called Outlook Web App, which is designed to integrate natively with Exchange in Office 365. Once group members downloaded the new Outlook Web App onto their smart phones, the newly created Outlook group and other special features, like shared email box folders, were visible.

We find that now and then, simple orientation to detail leads us to the best and most effective solutions.

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