Using Microsoft To-Do for effective task management

By - May 1, 2017

A new task management product, Microsoft To-Do, wasn’t recently released by Microsoft and is available to consumers and Office 365 subscribers. To-Do is a task management tool that allows for tasks to be organized and categorized across multiple devices. To-Do is available on multiple devices and allows a user to keep a list of items that they need to complete. According to the Office Blog announcing Microsoft To-Do, it comes from the team behind Wunderlist and allows people to stay organized and get the most out of their day.

What I like about To-Do is the ability to create a list for anything. I can create a list for work, home or something else unrelated. With using the app on my mobile device, I am able to access the list anywhere, anytime.

I also like the ability to focus my tasks to My Day. With this built-in functionality, I am able to plan my day by opening To-Do.

To-Do - My Day

What about a forgotten To-Do (task)?

We all have the task that was forgotten or didn’t get completed on the initial day planned. With the “light-bulb” or Suggestions as To-do calls it, I am able to see what To-Do’s I should focus my time and energy on. This is important for the tasks that often get buried and stay incomplete.


To-Do - Suggestions

Changing a To-Do

Editing a task is simple, like it should be. If you are someone that maintains a list of things to do, there are times that the tasks are changed and need to be updated. By selecting the task, I have the ability to set reminders, repeat, delete and others. This is as simple as it should be.

To-Do - Editing

Microsoft Office integration

One of the items missing is the integration of tasks within Outlook. As you may know, you can create tasks in OneNote that show up in Outlook, but that synchronization is clunky and undependable. In the future, Microsoft plans on enabling To-Do to be integrated with many products. First, they plan is to integrate with Outlook Tasks. This integration will automatically sync Tasks with To-Do.

To-Do is built for the enterprise on an enterprise cloud and the security that exists within Office 365 is continued to To-Do and data is encrypted in transit and at rest. To use To-Do with an Office 365 subscription, it must be first enabled through the Office 365 admin center.

Download the apps and learn more here.

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Pat is a Director in the Modern Work Practice, leading the Collaboration and Voice team. Throughout Pat’s 20 years of Microsoft training, he has focused on ensuring that technology is adopted, and organizations realize their full potential. Pat often speaks at community events and is a champion of technology to improve processes, communication, collaboration, and culture.

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