What’s Up With The Microsoft Office Add-Ins?

By - September 25, 2012

Microsoft Office Add-Ins

In the past few months, I have been asked countless questions about the new Microsoft Office Add-Ins for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012. There are a lot of great video demonstrations on YouTube and various Microsoft websites that really show off the power of the Add-Ins.

I saw some demos and flashy videos, and thought “Wow! That is really cool, but how do I do it?” So, I figured it out and put a white paper together to show you step-by-step how the Microsoft Office Word Add-Ins can be used to generate documents from a template. You will be surprised to see how simple this is – if you can make a Word document then you can use the new add-ins.

Download the Use the Microsoft Office Add-Ins and Microsoft Dynamics AX to Create a Source Document Template whitepaper here to learn more.

You can also try out the new add-ins in the Hands-On-Lab area at Convergence 2012. Be sure to stop by and try it out.

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