Microsoft Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement – Part 2

By - October 8, 2020

This is the second blog in a series devoted to Microsoft Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement. The first blog introducing this topic can be found here.

In this part of the series, we’ll cover some of the features for this solution from the point of view of a donation manager. As you would expect from a Dynamics-based product, you will come into the system to a dashboard to help you manage your day and your workload. This dashboard shows the donation manager the gifts that are in the queue and those that have been received.

By either searching for the donor or clicking on one of the donor hyperlinks on the dashboard, the user is able to drill into that donor and look at the gifts history for the individual as well as the household. The user is also able to get quick information such as the last time a gift was received, as well as the lifetime total for both the individual donor and the household.

You can also get pledge information from the donor screen. This will let the organization know about which pledges have been offered as well as recurring offerings.

An entire pledge process can be developed so donation managers know what stage the pledge is in. As you would expect from a Dynamics solution, this is completely customizable.

The power of a platform-based solution really shines in this offering. In the next blog, we’ll cover the mobile-based feature set from the point of view of a gifts director.

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