RSM’s Dynamics AX Wireless Warehouse Functionality

By - February 21, 2013

One of the best ways to manage inventory is through the utilization of handheld bar code reading guns.  This not only allows for maximum flexibility, but it results in a more efficient and accurate warehouse management system.  RSM has integrated wireless warehouse functionality within Dynamics AX 2012 permitting clients to experience this technology first hand.

The Wireless Warehouse capabilities provide communication between an industrial class mobile computer and warehouse functionality in Dynamics AX.  Multiple warehousing transactions have been enabled for Wireless Warehouse processing that are not part of the base Dynamics AX solution.  This allows for increased warehouse management flexibility permitting workers to transact via a handheld device rather than a stationary terminal.  The following are a list of transactions that are currently available for RSM’s Wireless processing:

  • Adjustments
  • AOD Refresh
  • Cycle Count
  • Picking
  • Cart Picking
  • Bin-to-bin Transfers
  • PO Receiving
  • Directed Put-away
  • Replenishment
  • Transfer order (picking, shipping, and receiving)
  • License Plate Split
  • License Plate Reported as Finished
  • License Plate Receive
  • License Plate Print
  • License Plate Move
  • License Plate Hierarchy
  • User task assignment

As transactions are completed and posted using the handheld device, they are simultaneously completed and posted within Dynamics AX permitting maximum flexibility.  As related to the food processing, produce, and beverage industries, this key functionality allows for the warehouse workers to spend more time on the floor, managing the actual product, instead of being tied to a computer terminal.

In addition, RSM has provided a seamless integration within Dynamics AX allowing the manager to administer the specific user settings for each individual, which either permits or restricts what can be accomplished via the handheld device.  Below is an example of the user settings:

Wireless Warehouse Integrated with Dynamics AX-pic1

Once the administration has been completed, the warehouse worker must simply log in on the handheld device and select the appropriate task as shown below:

Wireless Warehouse Integrated-Dynamics AX-pic2    Wireless Warehouse Integrated-Dynamics AX-pic3

As soon as the individual has completed the appropriate scanning and entry steps, he or she can quickly post the transaction as displayed below:

Wireless Warehouse Integrated-Dynamics AX-pic4

RSM has made the Wireless Warehouse functionality agile and easy to use, as well as administer, allowing companies to realize extensive carrying cost savings by having more effective and efficient warehouse operations.

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