6 Takeaways from SuiteWorld17 + Keynote Recordings

By - May 8, 2017

There are a lot of topics to write about coming out of NetSuite’s SuiteWorld conference, but thought I’d do a quick write up on six key topics that I felt were relevant. Links to watch keynotes are at the bottom of this post.

  1. Oracle acquisition will be positive. just look at the international investment alone and you can perceive a massive increase in performance and localization on a global scale.
  2. SuitePeople….finally. Probably should have invested R&D here earlier, but welcome to the HCM game NetSuite. This will be available June 1st. I don’t expect a lot v1, but the demos I saw were positive.
  3. SuiteSuccess – NetSuite pushing all its chips in the middle on verticals and micro-verticals. Will need to see much improvement in the product here, but makes sense go to to market in this fashion. it’s a sexy/easy way for PR and a good way to introduce into the Oracle world.
  4. Omnichannel commerce – strong movements in this area and will continue to see growth. Introduction to SuiteCommerce Standard which will be a middle ground between the Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced products. Key enhancements in SuitePromotions and Store pickup.
  5. Rev Rec & ARM – hot topic given relevance of ASC 606 upcoming regulations. Many folks considering ARM implementation. RSM saw lots of activity here given its technical accounting and NetSuite expertise. Additional enhancements to SuiteBilling which was introduced at last year’s SuiteWorld include Price Books and Churn Reporting.
  6. Another year on top. RSM receives Partner of the Year award again. shows strength in the investments they’ve made. be on the watch now that Mark Hurd has made an appearance for larger Oracle partners to enter the ecosystem and give RSM a run for their money.wwpoty_white

Stay tuned for more over the next week or two as I dive deeper into some of these topics and others in more detail. Overall, I was very pleased with the outlook and road map of NetSuite. My conversations with NetSuite customers had a very positive outlook and one could say coming this closely off a large acquisition that is great news for Oracle + NetSuite.

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