Alert: Avalara discontinuing 1099 services

By - August 22, 2016

As of June 2016, Avalara has decided to discontinue its 1099 services.  Going forward, Avalara 1099 users will only be able to review data previously submitted, status of submission and check the status of emails sent through the service previously.

If you were using Avalara 1099 processing it is now time to review what your other options are.  Before evaluating alternative solutions, your business requirements need to be reviewed.  A few questions to think about are:

  1. Do you need to file electronically?
  2. Do you have pre-printed 1099 forms?
  3. Do you need to issue 1099s to vendors who are not tracked in NetSuite?
  4. Have you completely filed for 2015? Do you already have a contract with Avalara for 2015 1099 processing?

The answers to these questions will help evaluate 1099 processing options.  There are a variety of options available to NetSuite clients depending on requirements.

  • Avalara is recommending as an option for their customers to use going forward and according to Avalara Help, will honor 2015 Avalara contracts.
  • Native NetSuite offers the ability to capture 1099 vendors and expenses with the ability to print details on preprinted 1099 forms.
  • There are numerous other 3rd party solutions and tools that offer a variety of solutions such as printing 1099 documents, electronic filing, custom 1099 forms and full 1099 processing services.

Every business’s 1099 requirements are unique.  If you would like assistance with evaluating your 1099 options or assistance in enhancing your NetSuite experience please contact RSM at or by phone at 855.437.7202    .

By: Kelsey Cantrell – National NetSuite Solution Provider

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