AP and Payment Automation with MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay for Netsuite

By - August 26, 2015

Do you find it time consuming to process your AP invoices, expense reports and payments?   RSM has partnered with MineralTree to help companies reduce the time and cost of processing AP invoices and paying your employees and vendors.   With MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay you have end to end invoice and payment automation.

Mineral Tree 1

Mineral Tree 2

  • MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay has a real-time bidirectional integration to NetSuite.
  • Bills, can be entered in either MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay or NetSuite.
  • Automatic synchronization to maintain master data such as chart of accounts and departments.
  • Payments can still be made directly in NetSuite and will sync into MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay.
  • Electronic invoices can be scanned or emailed in to the application. These documents can follow an invoice throughout your workflow. These are viewable during the approval process .
  • The bill entry and payment process in MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay includes approval processes with a very flexible workflow. They also ensure control as bills cannot get paid until approved and payments cannot get processed until authorized by the appropriate people.
  • All payment processing is done via MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay. This can include payment batches that can include both ACH and check payments.
  • Email notification to vendors and employees when payments get generated.
  • NetSuite employee expense reports also sync to MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay for payment.
  • Make use of dashboards and reporting

Mineral Tree 3

  • MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay is available for OneWorld and includes most standard NetSuite fields including department, class and location fields.
  • Full search functionality

Mineral Tree 4

  • MineralTree is continually adding more functionality to its product.

For more information on this topic or others related to NetSuite, please contact us at erp@rsmus.com or call 855.437.7202.

By: Heidi Megna – Boston NetSuite Solution Provider

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