Automated Location Assignment Feature in NetSuite

By - August 7, 2017

For many years, wholesales and distribution NetSuite customers have had to build scripted solutions in NetSuite to apply logic to auto-assign warehouse locations to sales orders for fulfillment. This could prove to be a challenging process for distributors that fulfill over a wide area and have multiple fulfillment centers. This could prove to be even more challenging for ecommerce distributors that had to have individuals assign locations for fulfillment for sales orders that came in through the web store.

The “Automated Location Assignment” feature, which was part of the 2016.2 release has helped alleviate pains for a lot of these customers. The feature allows for regions to be set up in NetSuite to function with the shipping address of the sales order. For each region, different locations could be ranked for identifying which fulfillment location needed to be used to fulfill each order. Based on the customer’s shipping address, NetSuite would assign a region to the order and then scan through the locations within the region, by rank, and pick the first location that had inventory available to meet each line item on the order.

For companies that do line-item shipping vs. order-level shipping/ship complete style of shipping, this is an especially useful feature that automatically assign the correct warehouse for each line item on the order, to make order fulfillment as efficient as possible. Even for distributors that ship complete entire orders, the automated location assignment allows for the best warehouse to be selected on the order based on the shipping address for the customer.

No longer will developers have to script logic into the sales order form to determine which warehouse needs to be selected. This functionality is now built into the NetSuite platform!

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By: Bharat Chandu – Virginia NetSuite Solution Provider

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