Becoming a NetSuite Consultant

By - July 9, 2018

Starting a new job is often daunting enough, but adding the task of having to learn a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System makes it even more challenging. I have recently just passed my 60 days of being a NetSuite Consultant and I am still actively going through training. Throughout preparing for and going through training, I have been given advice and picked up a few helpful tips and tricks through the process.

Advice before – Do not have distractions out: The best advice I was given before starting my training was to put away anything and everything that could possibly distract me! This seems like common sense but as humans we believe we can multitask; however, this is very untrue! I found that when I did put away my phone and pushed other tasks out of my mind while watching the videos I was able to obtain and recall a lot more than when I was answering emails or writing my to do list. By setting aside distractions you will be able to gain more knowledge, which in turn will enable you to become a better first choice advisor for RSM’s clients.

Advice during – Feel free to step away when frustrated & feel free to play around in the demo account before moving onto other training: While practicing NetSuite Essentials I often found myself frustrated and bogged down because I could not complete a module exercise, though I was absolutely positive I was doing it correctly. I eventually reached out to some colleagues and asked for advice. The most useful mention was simple, to take a break and come back to the exercise with a set of fresh eyes. This advice at the time seemed ridiculous! I knew I was doing everything correctly and I just wanted to get my training done so I could contribute to the firm! However, I took this advice one day when I was on the verge of tears from frustration. I pulled out some Human Resource modules I had to do that would get my mind off of the NetSuite exercise. After 15 minutes I came back and saw that I was missing a key step, which is why I was not able to complete the exercise. Now, whenever I get frustrated I just move onto a different task and come back to it. The other advice I received during my training was to explore my demo account. This is the best time to try different things, attempt to replicate the process without looking at the exercises, and most importantly see what does and does not work! By exploring the demo accounts, we are learning more than we think. We get to see errors or ways to perform a task that the manual did not describe. This enables us to better serve RSM’s clients because we will have been able to learn in a safe environment and without fear of deadlines or mistakes.

Advice after – Continue learning: Even though I am excited to start building a NetSuite system for a client, I do not believe I have all of the knowledge required. NetSuite Essentials and SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches gave me an excellent amount of knowledge, though I still have a few gaps. Some of the courses that my team recommend that I have found useful were Using Accounts Receivable, Using Accounts Payable, NetSuite Financial Management, and SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches. I am positive that there are many more that would also be beneficial but these are great starting points. Gathering any extra information about NetSuite that could assist you in building a better solution for your client is extremely important.

Now that I have completed the required and suggested courses, I have decided to focus on supply chain management and the logistical aspects of NetSuite. I came to the decision to become a subject matter expert in supply chain management by talking with the team and discussing skill areas that needed to be developed further in our group. Doing this enables our team to be able to have a vast amount of knowledge to serve RSM’s clients.

NetSuite is a wonderful product that has all the tools to help you prepare to be an excellent NetSuite Consultant, however you need to avoid distractions, learn to take breaks when frustrated, explore the demo account, further your knowledge, and not be afraid to become specialized in a subject. This is what you can expect becoming a consultant, and why clients will be confident in the solid foundations that RSM NetSuite consultants possess.

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By: Beth A. Johnson

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