Bundling and transferring sandbox customizations in NetSuite

By - February 17, 2016

Bundling allows you to batch up your customizations and configuration as your own personal app and then share them other accounts, including your live NetSuite account. This feature can be especially useful if you have multiple accounts requiring the customization, or different users accessing the sandbox versus the live account.

NetSuite users with access to sandboxes enjoy the ability to try out different preferences, enter test data, and quality check workflows, scripts and other customizations in an environment that does not affect their live accounts. However, once a customization is complete and working well, especially one that involves a combination of custom fields, forms, searches, and scripts, it can be time consuming to manually redo all of that effort in the live account.

Bundles can also be useful to copy account configurations. If you control a separate NetSuite account and need to enable the same features, preferences, and settings, your can create a configuration bundle of your existing NetSuite account to download those same preferences into your new account.

To create a bundle:

      1. In the account with the correct configuration or customization, go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Create Bundle.
      2. The Bundle Builder will walk you through the steps to create your bundle. If you are acquainted with the CSV Import process, you may find this process a bit familiar.Bundle_Builder
      3. Once you have completed the bundle builder, you can click a link to set the availability of this bundle. You will need to have the NetSuite account numbers for the accounts that you wish to make this bundle available to, and you can then share it with those accounts.
      4. In the account where you wish to install the bundle, go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles. Enter the name of your bundle to search for it, locate the bundle in the list, and you can process with downloading and installing the customizations and/or configurations to the target account.

If you would like to learn more about this feature or others related to NetSuite please contact RSM at erp@rsmus.com or by phone at 855.437.7202 .

By: Julie Kelly – National NetSuite Solution Provider

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