Create Record Workflow Action in NetSuite

By - December 5, 2018

Create Record Workflow Action

Purpose: Automatically create a project record upon saving a Quote/Sales Order and link records together.

  1. Add a custom field on the project record called “Created From Transaction” to populate with the Quote/Sales Order from which the project was generated.
  2. Create a Workflow for Record Type = Transaction and Sub-types = Quote, Sales Order.
  3. Run the workflow on Create or View or Update with Condition = Project field is empty.
  4. Within the workflow state, add the ‘Create Record’ action with Trigger = After Record Submit and use the following parameters:
    1. Record Type = Select ‘Project’ as the record type to create
    2. Store Result in = Select the field to populate with the new project number (e.g. Project)
  5. Use the ‘Field’ lines under the Parameter section to populate the new custom ‘Created From Transaction’ project field with the originating Quote/Sales Order number:
    1. Field = Created From transaction
    2. Selection = Current Record
  6. Identify any other custom fields on the Project record that you’d like to copy over from the Quote/Sales Order:
    1. Field (from Project) = Sales Rep, Value Field (from Quote/SO)= Sales Rep
    2. Field = Order Type, Value Field = Order Type
  7. Save the workflow.

Result: When a new Quote/Sales Order is saved, a project record will be automatically created with fields populated based on parameters assigned in steps 5 and 6.

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By: Laura Miller

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